Honest Ed’s SOLD – Another Landmark Bites the Dust

honest ed

To date, this has been my only experience with the famous Toronto landmark, Honest Ed’s. Always passing by, but never taking the time to wander inside. I already knew exactly what I would find inside the building – bulk items at low prices. I could even picture what the sale signs looked like – advertising the latest deals and bargains. In my 10 years as a GTA resident, I had caught glimpses of the store on the news or in the media.

I feel an attachment to this place for some reason – but more than anything else, I’m concerned about what will replace the well known landmark site. The discount retailer has been sold to Westbank Properties, a Vancouver-based luxury developer. They’re the developers behind the Shangri-La Hotels in Toronto and Vancouver.

Now — I don’t know about you, but when I think about the Annex (the area surrounding Honest Ed’s), I don’t think “luxury” or “Shangri-La” – I think “community” and “eclectic”. The people who live the in area consist primarily of artists, students, young professionals – and it’s hard to imagine that they’d be accepting of a high-class hotel.

The deal won’t close until later this year – but time is running out. I’m thinking that a trip down to Honest Ed’s some time soon is needed, before the space is changed into another condo building.


What do you think?

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