Why is my band-aid talking to me?

Alright. That’s enough. When companies like Band-Aid start using technology to differentiate their product, things have taken a bit of a turn towards the extreme. Now, I’m not denying the fact that an entertaining band-aid is cool – cause it is – but was it really necessary? I understand that it’s likely that there are millions of parents out there who see this product as a godsend – it’s another way to keep their children entertained and occupied so they don’t pitch that fit in the grocery store when they refuse to buy their children fruit snacks. It’s a great distraction. — but that’s about it.

(To watch the product commercial, click here)

This product does not have the capability to heal the wound any faster than a standard Band-aid brand bandage. Nor does it hold the ability to alleviate pain. It sticks really well and buys the parents some stress free time. As you can see below, this product’s feature is so effective, your children will forget that they’ve been hurt. Why? Because they’ll be too busy with the technological equivalent of jingling keys.


Does this bother anyone else? or am I alone here? Nevermind the fact that Band-Aid is obviously in a partnership with Apple for this product, because the commercial instructs the consumer to use an “iPone or iPad” to scan the band-aid. What about the children who have parents with Androids? or BlackBerries? Or better yet, what about the parents who can’t afford a smart phone? Though I’m sure that’s less of a concern these days.

Apparently technology is so accessible, even a band-aid can use it.


What do you think?

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