How to Kill Content Marketing

You’ve finally done it! You’re a content marketer! Even better – you’re one of the lucky few who have the opportunity to build your company’s content marketing from the ground up. However, once the new car smell of content marketing has left the air – you may find that your efforts might have been in vain.

How does this happen? You’ve been keeping up to date on the latest trends – content marketing is so hot right now (especially in B2B)- building your strategy, creating amazing content, growing the company’s audience —- and then it all changes. After reading quite a few blogs on the subject, I’ve surmised that there are 3 ways to kill content marketing.

  1. Micromanaging: This is the kiss of death in any work environment – but having someone watch over your shoulder while you make edits is Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.51.08 PMthe best way to undermine someone. Great content marketing needs great writing – and I can see how micromanaging would create self-doubt. I recent survey also found that micromanaging can lead to demotivation and self-doubt — which aren’t good for any employee and can have a serious impact on productivity. Even more alarming is the fact that 93% of engaged employees are clear about the organizational goals and therefore, can communicate with customers better (Harvard Business) – so if your writer/content marketer is not engaged, the quality of the content they create can suffer. Which leads me to my next point….
  2. Poor Writing: Quality content is essential in differentiating yourself from your competitors. Writing is the lifeblood of content marketing, and creating content that is useful and engaging to your readers while still conveying your company’s brand, messaging, and values (while also generating leads) takes some expertise. Experienced writers are also able to convey a personality while communicating a company’s messaging to an audience – but not many. Ann Handley of meshmarketing determined that a great exercise to test this is by covering your company’s logo and reading the content: do you sound different? Or do you just sound like your competitors?
  3. Creating Content without Marketing: There’s no doubt that quality content is essential – but this also isn’t Field of Dreams, you can’t just create it and wait for readers to come – that’s where the marketing portion comes in (duh). You need to create a content marketing strategy, with clearly defined tactics, goals, and metrics. Once you have a plan, you can make your attack and disseminate your content to your audience. Otherwise, your content will just sit there – unread and unused – and not bringing in any revenue.

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Avoiding these pitfalls on your own can be a challenge, but it’s important that you try. Otherwise, you’re just going to kill your content marketing.


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