3 Factors Influencing Your Content Marketing Success

Yoda Content Marketing

We’re almost three months into 2015, and by now everything must be going according to plan, right? With buy in from your superiors and the knowledge required to succeed, you must be thrilled. Well – according to the Content Marketing Institutes’ B2B Content Marketing Trends report, that’s not necessarily the case. Despite the fact that 86% of respondents said that their organization uses content marketing, only 38% believe that their efforts are actually effective. So what gives?

There are three primary factors that influence the effectiveness of content marketing:

  1. Lack of a documented content marketing strategy: There’s no “A for effort” in content marketing – if you want to be successful, you have to have a documented strategy – as in written down and disseminated amongst your team. Out of the 83% respondents who indicated that they have a strategy in place, only 35% say it is documented. Having a strategy helps you stay on task and reach your goals. In fact, 42% of survey participants say their content marketing efforts match their strategy “very closely” – and the most effective marketers are those who follow their documented strategy.
  2. Not disseminating your content marketing strategy – or your content: Make sure everyone is aware of your plans and agree with your strategy. You should also create a flow chart, or project calendar, and distribute it to key stakeholders. Providing insights and updates makes content marketing more “real” – as some may have difficulty grasping the more intangible elements. Delivering a document that clearly displays how changing priorities directly impact your content marketing efforts can help others gain a better understanding. Sending out all the great content you’re creating to any employees who may find it beneficial or helpful is a great way to gain support and views. Ideally, employees will share that content with their networks, increasing engagement with your brand.
  3. Share your achievements: Are you one of the lucky few that can successfully calculate the ROI of your content marketing – and by “lucky few” I mean one of the 21% of respondents that stated they are successful at tracking the ROI? Good – now share those metrics with everyone! Still not sure how to determine the ROI? I suggest taking in a few instructional materials to learn how, because it’s one of the key indicators of your success. It’s so important that 46% of respondents have identified “measuring content marketing ROI” as an initiative that they are currently focusing on. Also be sure to share your other wins, like a significant increase in blog views, or publishing company content on a reputable site, or obtaining a great case study.

By documenting your content marketing strategy, sharing it with your team, and communicating your successes, you’re in a better position to achieve your goals and avoid distractions.


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