I Went to CMWorld and It Was All I Could’ve Wanted – and more

After falling in love with content marketing 4 long years ago (*cough), I had dreamed of attending Content Marketing World (or CMW). Despite my best internal-selling to my superiors, there was just never enough in the budget to justify my attendance. So, I had resigned myself to binging on This Old Marketing podcasts and ‘How To…’ articles posted on Content Marketing Institute‘s website.

However, last week I was tickled orange to find myself amongst the best writers, marketers, and content marketers at CMW! I had finally made it, and it was all I could’ve asked for. Not only did I gain valuable insights by attending different sessions – but was able to get my picture taken with the one and only; Joe Pulizzi. Godfather of content marketing.


I was speechless (which doesn’t happen often). Thankfully, I had some chatty coworkers with me who were able to jump in and make sure the encounter wasn’t totally awkward. I also managed to score a pic with the one and only Ann Handley – content creator extraordinaire.



But, outside of taking pictures with my idols, the focus this year was on three major insights:

  1. If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing, you should stop.
  2. Slow down and do your content marketing right.
  3. The key to success isn’t to know your what – it’s to know your why.

Pretty powerful stuff, I know. So powerful, it’s best to hear it straight from the source. I recommend checking out CMI’s post to gain a better understanding.

Did you go to CMW? What did you think of these three key takeaways? Leave a comment and let me know! 


One thought on “I Went to CMWorld and It Was All I Could’ve Wanted – and more

  1. @VanessaHartung Looks like a great conference! Like the motto of “If you’re not “all in” with your content marketing, you should stop.”

    I wonder if they touched on content marketing automation at all? Would love to show you LookBookHQ and how we optimize your content and track engagement through out your company’s whole content experience!

    Contact: lexi.hill@lookbookhq.com
    #: 6475045394

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