The Best Branding Idea You’ve Never Heard Of

The competition for your audience’s attention is fierce. In today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, breaking through the noise can feel impossible. Most businesses are focusing their marketing efforts online – which makes sense when you consider that over 40% of the world’s population is online. But if you’re looking to build a meaningful relationship with consumers that lasts, you’ll need to do more than purchase a few banner ads or promoted posts.

brand marketing

While flashy graphics and contests might grab an audience’s attention, it doesn’t help build a relationship with your audience. When a company is able to make a sincere connection with a consumer, that connection helps create a relationship of long-term advocacy, loyalty, and a sustainable bottom line. And no company is making a genuine connection through a banner, advertising placement, or inserting their commercial into YouTube videos (we’re all just waiting to hit the ‘skip’ button). In fact, 51% of people have a lower opinion of brands that use auto-playing video ads. So then how can businesses make a more sincere connection?

As a marketing professional myself, this is often a question that I ask myself when discussing different initiatives or tactics. And up until recently, I didn’t have a compelling answer — but then I met Ross Petty. Ross Petty Productions Inc. (RPPI) was incorporated in 1986 with the objective of producing unique family entertainment for the stage and for television. A holiday tradition in Toronto, the RPPI brought thousands of captive audience members to the theatre, but financing a theatre production doesn’t come cheap.

2016 Production

To inject some additional revenue, Ross has come up with a truly unique concept: shoot commercials with the play’s cast and run them in the middle of the show. I know – it sounds crazy – but it’s the perfect way to make a connection with consumers. By incorporating the play characters into the commercial, the audience was much more accepting than if it was a 30 second television spot. The reason? Context.

The audience stayed engaged because they saw characters from the play they were watching interacting with the different brands and products. They were more inclined to give their uninterrupted attention because it was the right content, at the right time. A completely customized experience that connects brand with consumer.

And don’t just take my word for it. I was not so surprised to find that several big name brands have partnered with Ross Petty to create a totally unique experience for audience members. On his website, one can find a variety of testimonials, quotes, and commercial videos from companies like Lowe’s Canada, Tim Hortons, MasterCard Canada, BMO, P&G Canada, and Aviva – just to name a few.

As the end of 2017 closes and businesses start thinking of ways to connect with their consumers over the hectic holiday season, incorporating one of these commercials into an integrated campaign could help your brand break through the chaos and clutter. It’s likely one of the few moments that you’re almost guaranteed to have your audience’s undivided attention – and a unique opportunity that’s sure to build a stronger relationship between your brand and consumers.

I highly recommend checking out one of the commercials on the Ross Petty website by clicking here.


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